Commonly Asked Questions

How do people become homeless?

Each person’s story is unique, of course. Experiencing a life crisis without financial or family support can land almost anyone out on the street. Common issues include domestic violence, a major illness or accident with no medical insurance, extended unemployment, drug or alcohol addiction, and mental illness. Families seeking housing face many barriers: high rents, long waiting lists for subsidized housing, credit problems, previous evictions, mountains of paperwork, and the challenge of communicating without an address or phone number.

How can individuals and community members get involved with UP to make a difference?

  • Advocate – Affordable housing is critically needed in all neighborhoods. Contact your local council members to advocate for more affordable housing and permanent supportive housing in your community. Advocate for legislation that directs funding toward affordable housing and homelessness services. You can also support Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund  who are working to address the affordable housing shortage in Louisville.
  • Use Your Voice – Start conversations with your friends and family about why homelessness exists – putting a human face to this issue is critical.
  • Donate – Another way to get involved with DWC is by contributing financially, which makes the work we do every day possible. You can make a donation here.
  • Volunteer – Donating your time to ending homelessness by volunteering with a service provider is a great way to make an impact. If you’re in the Louisville area, we have a number of individual and group volunteer opportunities available here.


I’d love to volunteer at UP. How can I get started?

Our strong community of volunteers is what makes our work possible! We have several opportunities available to groups and individual volunteers. To volunteer with a group of friends or coworkers, you can simply fill out an application here, and a staff member will be in touch with you.

To volunteer individually, you must be over the age of 18 and attend both a volunteer orientation and training (in that order). Volunteer orientation will familiarize you with UP’s programs, mission, and volunteer opportunities, and the training will provide more insight into the community UP serves. Information on orientations and trainings will be offered soon. 


I’d love to volunteer, but I’m under the age of 18. Are there any opportunities for me?

Yes, we have several off-site opportunities for volunteers under age 18.